Today’s Custom Made Batik

本日のオーダーメイドBATIK T shirts 紹介は、




木の陰に隠れているヤンバルクイナの T shirts をオーダー頂きました。

きっと御夫婦にとって とてもラッキーな鳥なんだろうな♪♪



I ordered it as a gift from Okinawa Lovers couple to their beloved son.

The picture of the bird is “Yambaru Kuina,” a natural monument that lives in the Yanbaru region of Okinawa.

Even if you live in Okinawa, it seems difficult to find the bird.

I received an order for a picture of such a precious Yanbaru Kuina hidden behind a tree.

I’m sure they are very lucky birds for the couple.

Thank you for the Order 🙂


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